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Customer Engagement

Engagement starts from the moment we get a visitor on our website. At each step, the Marketing and Sales teams engage the prospect to nurture the lead. In fact, the prospect is taken through a beautiful sales journey until he becomes a paid customer.

Customers expect similar attention and engagement to keep the relationship alive. An engaged customer feels connected and is likely to be loyal. Depending on the customer base, there can be multiple ways to nurture the relationship:-

  • Customer Onboarding
  • Educate customers by sharing industry best practices, educational material, tutorials etc.
  • Invite customers to events & conferences
  • Community Portals such as forums, blogs
  • Participation through early access to beta, product sprints etc.

An engaged customer can be set to success by helping him achieve the Desired Outcome. Successful customer adds to revenue (renewals, upsell, expansion) and non revenue (case studies, reviews, references, word of mouth) business vertical.

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