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On-demand Webinar

How to do Churn analysis

  • 27-May-2021
  • 09:30:00 Pacific Time

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Churn is not just a Customer Success problem. It cuts across the product, support, pricing, usage, customer success, user experience, solution we are offering and more.

Churn is inevitable. Period. But the better we analyze churn, the better we will be at reducing the churn.

So, I think it’s time we set up a process to analyze our own churn. Or we will never learn or even worse we will learn with assumptions and from half baked data. To open our minds to learning, we need a process, which dictates that we do it right and holistically. Do remember that a closed mind can still deceive a process, although it’s always hard to ignore the data.


Learn a proven framework to Churn analysis and get a control on your churn


Puneet Kataria is the Founder & CEO of CustomerSuccessBox and recognized by LinkedIn as a Global Top Voice. In his previous avatar, he was VP at a B2B SaaS company, Kayako, where he inherited more than ten thousand live accounts and was tasked to plug the leaky bucket. Five years later, that translated into an obsession to fix the leak for every B2B SaaS and he started CustomerSuccessBox. In over 16 years of professional experience, he has also held leadership positions at ThoughtWorks, IBM and Telelogic.

Anu Dudhat is the Head of Customer Success and Products at CustomerSuccessBox. She is an accomplished customer success professional specialized in crafting internal business processes and continuously recalibrating them to build a scalable model for high-growth startups. She has been recognized as top 100 Customer Success strategist globally by SuccessCoaching.

Thanks to The CustomerSuccessAssociation for publicizing this event.

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