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New in CustomerSuccessBox - Account Health 360

  • 04-Apr-2019
  • 10:00:00 Pacific Time

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Anadi is a seasoned B2B SaaS Product Manager with a rich experience of 7+ years in multiple functions such as Product, Business Operations, Growth, Support and Customer Success. He leads product at CustomerSuccessBox and has previously led Business Operations and Product at Kayako (a customer support platform). Anadi packs practical experience in customer support and success function, and has led organisations from successful conception to a well-executed implementation.



What is Account Health 360?

  • Account Health 360 features
    • Product Adoption: Measures product usage and lets you define thresholds for good and poor health
    • Financial: Measures the financial status of an account using subscription and invoice information available with us
    • Service: Measures the efficiency and the effectiveness with which the support team handles customer issues
    • Relationship: Measures how frequently contact is being established through touchpoints maintained and tracked in CustomerSuccessBox. Touchpoints are maintained using 2-way Gmail integration, Support interactions, Calls, Emails, and Logs for offline events.
  • High level risk score and human context
  • Segment level health
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