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Is my SaaS ready for customer success technology?

  • 06-Jun-2019
  • 10:00:00 Pacific Time

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Ross G.D. Fulton has spent the past 17 years enabling B2B software companies and their partners to succeed through the design and execution of value-based outcome lifecycles for their customers. Today, Ross is the Founder and CEO of Valuize Consulting. Ross serves the Valuize Consulting team as they drive sustainable growth for B2B SaaS companies by designing and operationalizing unified customer acquisition, adoption and expansion strategies.

  • The ‘why’ and ‘what’ of customer success should be understood by most SaaS companies in 2019. The focus is now shifting to ‘how‘.
  • How to design the customer success strategy that is right for your SaaS company and how to operationalize, scale and automate that strategy through technology.
  • Key to successfully executing the ‘how’ is understanding the ‘when’.
  • When is the right time to invest in customer success technology in your SaaS company?

Join this Q&A with Ross G.D. Fulton, Founder and CEO of Valuize Consulting, to find out the answer.

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