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How Apptio defines Customer Success metrics

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Kevin started his career as a Mechanical Engineer doing thermal dynamic analysis modeling rocket components in orbit within a computer programming language that most people have never heard of by now. Needless to say, he didn’t enjoy it. However, during that experience, Kevin always found himself asking the question “why is this important to the business?” And he quickly realized that what he enjoyed doing most was translating hard technical problems to business value because that is what resonated most with customers.

Kevin has anchored his entire 20+ year career around understanding how to translate hard technical concepts or technical architecture into driving business value for customers. He has spent the last 7.5 years helping sell, deliver, adopt, and renew SaaS based products at Apptio, $1B SaaS-based Technology Business Management (TBM) company.

As Vice President of Customer Success, Kevin has been hyper focused at driving the organization to decrease deployment velocity, drive simpler ways for customers to realize value, and organize teams around renewal and upsell strategies across the customer base.


  • Why do you need to measure customer success metrics?
  • Key customer success metrics every SaaS company should measure
  • How Apptio defines customer success metrics
  • Key mistakes to avoid while defining customer success metrics


Puneet Kataria

The Q&A webinar will be moderated by Puneet Kataria. In his previous avatar, he was VP at a B2B SaaS company, Kayako, where he inherited 10000+ live accounts and was tasked to plug the leaky bucket. 5 years later, that translated into an obsession to fix the leak for every B2B SaaS business and he started CustomerSuccessBox where he leads as a founder and CEO. In over 16 years of professional experience, he has also held leadership positions at ThoughtWorks, IBM, Telelogic, and started his career as an engineer at Honeywell Aerospace.

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