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Know who is ready to Upgrade

Grow your portfolio by monitoring Upsell signals

monitor account growth to increase upsells

Increase upsells and drive growth

Determine which account is ready for an upsell. Auto-create tasks for your success team to increase upsells.

create alerts and tasks for upsells

Monitor Product Usage

Monitor product usage to determine the engagement level of an account. Determine which account is ready for upsell.

Monitor Product Usage
alert for upsell opportunity

Active User Alert

Watch out for upgrade opportunities. Auto-create alerts for high license utilization.


Create an upsell segment to track accounts for upsell signals. Get a forecast of when to upsell and to which account.

Create an upsell segment
Upsell playbook


Everyone creates onboarding playbooks. Think beyond customer onboarding. CustomerSuccessBox allows you to create playbooks to determine when an account is ready for an upgrade.

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