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Upsell Opportunity Template


We all know in the subscription economy, it is the recurring revenue that is going to make or break our SaaS business. The three main factors that contribute to recurring revenue are:

  1. New Customers
  2. Retention of existing Customers
  3. Upselling to existing customers, which is more or less the direct window to the Recurring Revenue for your  SaaS Business.

Upselling can significantly improve your revenue by 30%. You will find many chances to upsell along the customer journey and you would not like to miss this opportunity.
Let’s dive in!

Key Highlights

The objective of this template is to clearly define the step-by-step process for upselling to key accounts

  • * Identify- Here you identify the key accounts based on various triggers to see whether there is a scope for upsell
  • * Reach out You need to reach out to the right stakeholders who would have a say in the final decision
  • * Propose- Pitch the right benefits that the client would get by the upsell to relevant stakeholders
  • * Proposal- Present the proposal to the stakeholders with all details
  • * Decision- This is to check if the decision has been made by the customer yet. The opportunity is considered lost if no decision is made within 6 months or won if the customer considers the upsell opportunity within 6 months of proposing.


Steps to be followed

Upsell steps

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