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Looking for a better Totango alternative?

Move beyond age old analytics tools built for expensive field success operations.

More Success at Lower cost per customer with Inside Success.

CustomerSuccessBox vs Totango



Starts at $199/month ?
Success Manager Seats
Unlimited ?
Built for Inside CSMs
360 View
See all Integrations Limited
Write E-mail
Make phone calls
Task Management
Smart Workflows
Health Score

How CustomerSuccessBox makes life easier for a Customer Success Manager?

  • Modern teams run hybrid customer success operations.

    80% inside | 20% outside. Manage hundreds of accounts per success manager with CustomerSuccessBox

  • No more shuffling between tools.

    Write emails, make phone calls, manage tasks, log activities from within the platform.

Customer Onboarding Process
  • Smarter Actionable Playbooks.

    Know which workflow was successful and which needs a customer success manager’s attention.

  • Sometimes you take a stand by NOT doing certain things.

    We decided not to build a support ticket like open and close status, since it nurtures a ‘reactive’ support mindset. Drive proactive success with CustomerSuccessBox.


Find the right plan for you



per month

(paid annually)

*Startups with less $500k Annual


Includes 200 Accounts

(additional 100 accounts @$99/month)

Includes 3 Success Managers

Includes 2000 End Users

Single Product



per month

(paid annually)

For business with single SaaS


Includes 500 accounts

(additional 100 accounts @$99/month)

Unlimited Success Managers

Includes 10,000 End Users

Multi Product upto 1



per month

(paid annually)

For business with multiple SaaS


Includes 2,000 accounts

(additional 100 accounts @$49/month)

Unlimited Success Managers

Unlimited End Users

Multi Product upto 3


Contact Us

For large multi products


Includes 5000+ accounts

Unlimited Success Managers

Unlimited End Users

Unlimited Multi Products



Jayesh Gopalan

CEO, Classpro

CustomerSuccessBox is built for modern ‘Inside’ success managers who mostly manage their customers remotely. It gives our CSMs a 360 degree view of their accounts and allows them to take action from within the platform instead of switching between tools. On top of that, the success playbooks have helped us reduce onboarding time to about 30 days.


Enrique Novomisky

Co-founder, WoowUp

Before CustomerSuccessBox, we had little awareness of which customer needed our help and who was happy. With CustomerSuccessBox’s custom account health and smart playbooks, we are no longer on the defensive. It helps our success managers take proactive actions to retain customers and reduce churn.


Vivek Saini

Head of Customer Success, QDC

Within weeks of implementing CustomerSuccessBox, we were able to foresee potential account churns by monitoring Account Health Scores. Warning came in early enough for our customer success team to engage in time. In most cases we were successful in retaining the customer. With this pace we are going to reduce the churn rate by 50% by end of the year.


Do not just believe what we write. See CustomerSuccessBox live in action. We’ll try our best to impress you. 🤞

You can also discuss your queries on our live chat.

  • +1-650-686-1234

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