Service Level

Service Level Agreement

Application Uptime Commitment:

CustomerSuccessBox will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide 99.9% Application Uptime measured monthly. “Application Uptime” means that the subscription Services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, excluding any scheduled and unscheduled maintenance time to implement updates, upgrades or other modifications.

CustomerSuccessBox will make commercially reasonable efforts to notify Client at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to any scheduled maintenance to minimise the effect of such maintenance on the subscription Services and as soon as practicable for any unscheduled maintenance or any known and verified unscheduled downtime.

Application Downtime

In the event the Application Uptime falls below the indicated thresholds for certain calendar month/s, clients will be entitled to the following credits basis the monthly fees invoiced for the affected platform/service for each calendar month.

Application Uptime Credits

  • ≥ 99.0% in one Reporting Period 0% of 1 month of Subscription fees
  • ≥ 95.0 but < 99.0 % in one Reporting Period 5% of 1 month of Subscription fees
  • < 95% in one Reporting Period 25 % of 1 month of Subscription fees

If Application Uptime falls below 95% for 3 consecutive calendar months, Client shall have the right to terminate the Agreement; such right must be exercised within 7 days of the end of such 3 month period or Client shall be deemed to have waived its termination right with respect to that particular 3 month period. Upon effective termination, CustomerSuccessBox shall refund promptly to Client fees prepaid and unused due to such termination.

Calculation of Application Uptime

  • Uptime Percentage means 100% minus the percentage of Downtime minutes out of the total minutes in the relevant billing cycle
  • Downtime occurs when any Covered Product/Service has an error rate (defined below), greater than 5% in one continuous stretch/timeline
  • Error Rate:
    • over a given 15-minute period, the percentage of your requests to a Covered Product/Service resulting in an error out of your total requests to that Covered Product/Service.
    • For cases, in which we confirm a Covered Product/Service was completely inoperable or unable to receive your requests, the Error Rate for that window is 100%.
    • If no requests are made to a Covered Product/Service, the Error Rate is 0%.

Request for Credits:

Any Client request for a credit that Client is entitled to under this SLA may only be made per calendar month and must be submitted in writing within 7 calendar days after the end of the relevant calendar month or shall be deemed to have been waived by Client. For those periods at the end of a Subscription Term that do not coincide with the end of a calendar month, Client must make a claim for a credit within 7 calendar days after the expiration of the Subscription Term or the claim for credit shall be deemed to have been waived by Client. The total of all credits applicable to or accruing in any given Reporting Period shall not exceed 25% of the Subscription fees paid or payable to CustomerSuccessBox by Client for the Reporting Period.

The right to a credit and/or the right to terminate the Agreement described in this Section 1 shall be the sole and exclusive remedy available to Client in the event of Downtime of the Services as set forth herein. In no circumstance shall the Downtime of the Services be deemed a default under the Agreement or this SLA.

All credit requests will be verified against CustomerSuccessBox’s system records. CustomerSuccessBox will make available to Client a monthly record of the Application Uptime on request against any request for credits.

  • To report a commitment failure, you must send a report to with valid evidence, accurate information on date and time and reasonable documentation on the incident. The incident must be reported within a week after the end of such a calendar month.
  • Our logging infrastructure will serve as the source-of-truth to determine the uptime percentage, outage, errors and whether the commitment is still intact.
  • Once we confirm there is a failure to meet a Service Level Commitment, you will be entitled to credits basis as mentioned above.
  • Uptime Credit can be applied against future payments or payments due, provided that the account is functional and fully paid without any disputes. No refunds or cash value will be given for unused Service Credits. Service Credits cannot be transferred under any circumstances.
  • Uptime Credit would be valid for one billing cycle only and would lapse if not used after the immediate billing cycle.


You will not be entitled to a Service Credit under the following circumstances:

  • If you are in breach of terms
  • If your use of the platform is not in a manner not authorized or lawful or any interruption resulting from the misuse, improper use, alteration, or damage of the Services
  • If you force majeure events or other factors outside of our reasonable control, including, without limitation, including, without limitation, acts of nature, acts of government, emergencies, natural disasters, flood, fire, civil unrest, acts of terror, strikes or other labor problems (other than those involving CustomerSuccessBox employees), Internet access and telecommunication interruptions and/or delays, vendor-related problems, or any other force majeure event or factors
  • If an incident happens because of your equipment, software, network connections or other infrastructure
  • If an incident happens because of the nature of your data
  • If an incident happens because of third-party equipment, apps, add-ons, software or technology (other than our agents and sub-contractors)
  • Routine/Communicated Scheduled Maintenance or reasonable emergency maintenance windows are also entitled to exclusions
  • Any Service released as “beta”.
  • If caused by modifications in any version of the Services not made or authorized by CustomerSuccessBox in writing;
  • If an incident happens resulting from Client’s or any third party’s acts, errors or omissions or any systems not provided by CustomerSuccessBox.

Covered Products/Services:

  • CustomerSuccessBox Web Platform
  • Feature Ingestion (aka telemetry) API Pipeline
  • Meta/Entity API Pipeline
  • Journeys
  • Health, Alerts and Milestone processing

CustomerSuccessBox Support Targets

CustomerSuccessBox has set the following service level target for its support team.

CustomerSuccessBox Support Working Hours

CustomerSuccessBox Team support is operations for 12 hours X 5 days a week, from 5:00AM – 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday, except public holidays in the United States and India. On public holidays or off days we monitor for any Urgent issues only.

List of Public Holidays in United States
List of Public Holidays in India

Ticket categorization

All reported tickets are categorized in either of the following four categories. Based on its category, the team then addresses issues as per resolution and response targets. Respective service level targets are then followed.

  • Urgent: Issues where access to CustomerSuccessBox is blocked and users are not able to either log in or access the CustomerSuccessBox instance.
  • High: Issues where a major functionality is blocked and the user is unable to access or the user is able to use that part of the system.
  • Normal: A normal defect, which hampers the user experience and/or application is not behavior is not in line with documentation.
  • Low: A question or query regarding the functionality of CustomerSuccessBox.

Note that while customers can suggest a priority for the issue/s raised, the final category is decided by CustomerSuccessBox support agent or manager.

Support Channels:

All issues are to be reported by any of the following support channels.

  • Email: (from a registered user of CustomerSuccessBox paid instance)
  • Live Chat: Accessible from within application after (login required)
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