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Quarterly Business Review Template


Business Review meeting is a high-level strategic meeting between two parties ( Partner & Business).
It should be with the Sponsor and Champion to have the alignment of the teams. 
The sponsor is the audience and the progress made should be presented to him/her.
Champion is the co-host of the meeting. Ensure that both the CSM and the Champion are on the same page with regards to the preparation.
The purpose of the meeting is:

❖ Understand the vision for the next 3-6 months
❖ What has been achieved so far? Where are we effective, where we were not?
❖ To understand where we stand right now (with respect to the execution of the vision)
❖ Acknowledge & identify PoC for initiatives
❖ The purpose is to identify blockers (in the thought process or at the feature level)
❖ Identify potential threat- champion leaving org, stakeholder changing, strategic realignment at the customer level

Key Highlights

The broad categorizations of steps give an overview of the complete QBR process as shown below in the template.

Quarterly Business Review template

The actionable points clearly lay out the steps that need to be taken to complete the corresponding steps.

Actionable points of QBR

The time required to complete the QBR process is also given for the respective action points. This can be modified according to your business needs and processes. 

QBR template full

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