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New Release: Automate Customer Success with

Targeted, Scalable and Repeatable Customer Journeys

San Francisco, California – September 11, 2019CustomerSuccessBox, the leading customer success platform for B2B SaaS, today announced the launch of its latest innovative feature, Journeys.

What is Journeys?

Over countless conversations with our customers, prospects, and the wider customer success community in the last year, we learned:

  • Missed customer engagement opportunities are costly
  • Timely education, help and reach-outs not only assists in retention but also builds customer advocacy
  • The difference between sticky product adoption and product drop-off can be attributed in large part to not identifying and targeting the right customer at the right time with the right communication

We thought and researched in-depth about these common issues and built Journeys to close the gap between identifying the right customer at the right time and engaging with them to drive product adoption and retention.

“Businesses are obsessed with automation and customers expect a human touch,” said Anadi Raj Tiwari, Head of Product at CustomerSuccessBox.

With Journeys, you will be able to configure workflows to engage your users and accounts throughout their lifecycle by automating at scale without losing the human touch. Journeys automatically invokes human intervention whenever automation fails to get the desired outcome or is inapplicable.

Ensure that a relevant communication opportunity with a user is never missed by facilitating a seamless way to drive user engagement.

  • Never miss a touchpoint by engaging customers in time for an upcoming lifecycle event, be it renewal, upsell or an executive business review
  • Provide early value to new users and accounts by engaging with them and equipping them with the right information at the start of their journey with you
  • Drive product Adoption by engaging the right customer at the right time with the right education
  • Kill repeatable tasks and offload them to the platform
  • Retain at-risk customers by reaching out in time as they start showing signs of disengagement
  • Drive upsell by engaging high-value users getting the right value from your product

“As your customer success team scales, you need them to manage more and more accounts per CSM. This is where Journeys comes in. With Journeys, your customer success team will be able to automate customer success with targeted, scalable and repeatable customer engagement and focus on key accounts which require the white-glove treatment,” said Tiwari.

About CustomerSuccessBox

CustomerSuccessBox is the leading customer success platform for B2B SaaS which helps deliver success across all customer lifecycle stages. It empowers every CSM to manage hundreds of accounts while growing a multi-million dollar portfolio, lowering the cost of delivering success per customer. Thereby enabling customers even with lower ARPA to enjoy the benefits of a customer success program. Leading customer-centric enterprises such as Raken, Zedonk, Synup and Locus use CustomerSuccessBox to drive product adoption, retention, and expansion.

Founded in 2016 by Puneet Kataria and Amritpal Singh, CustomerSuccessBox raised $1Mn in 2018 in a Pre Series A round of funding led by pi Ventures and Axilor Ventures.

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