June 2022 Edition

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Puneet Kataria- Founder & CEO, CustomerSuccessBox presents the first edition of the Newsletter- SuccessBound. It has all the curated information and news from the world of Customer Success
Puneet Kataria
2. How to manage Churn
Customer Churn, to a certain degree, is inevitable. It happens when customers leave your business for a reason- which can either be unavoidable or avoidable. It is that leaky bucket that can empty your business revenue within no time if left unchecked.. This section has interviews with CS leaders to understand how they go about it.

Interview with Anitha Toth
Interview with Rick Adams
Interview with Irit Ezips
Interview with Elodie O' Rourke
Interview with Lauren Costella
Irit Ezips
Our team at CustomerSuccessBox has brought you a round up career opportunities from across the globe. Go ahead and apply in case you’re looking for a change
Customer Success Jobs
We, at CustomerSuccessBox, bring to you exclusive curated content from the world of customer success. The following is the list of curated readings that will definitely add value, if implemented, to your SaaS business.
Customer success dashboard
The upcoming Customer Success events that you cannot afford to miss.
Customer Success Events
The role of a CSM is a challenging one. Requires multi tasking, perseverance, patience and many more skills to be a successful one. We, at CustomerSuccessBox, thought of bringing you an excerpt on CSM’s challenges, likes, and dislikes. How does a typical day look like. We have Neesar Ahmed Gaha- CSM-CustomerSuccessBox talk about how his day looks like
Neesar Ahmed- CSM
The CustomerSuccessBox 101 Training for CSMs will help you drive business outcomes and become a trusted advisor who continuously delivers value to their customers.
Customer Success Training
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