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#SuccessBound Global Survey Report 2022

Customer Success has an exponential evolving rate and keeping up with new trends can help you build repeatable, scalable processes and avoid churn. In the third edition of Success Bound we have surveyed customer success thought leaders from around the world to give us insights into trends of customer success in 2022.

These trends will help you see the practices being adopted to the challenges you will be facing in 2022 as a Customer Success professional. We surveyed 16 global Customer Success thought leaders and practitioners that have been working tirelessly in propagating Customer Success and realizing its full potential.
Here is a list of the participants:

Here is a list of the participants

Tanya Strauss
Consultant for Customer Success at SuccessChain
Aaron Thompson
Consultant of Customer Success at Success Coaching
Irit Eizips
CEO at CSM Practice
Emily Garza
VP of Customer Success at Proton
Kristi Faltorusso
VP of Customer Succes at Client Success
Mary Poppen
Chief Customer Officer at Involve.ai
Sue Nabeth Moore
Consultant for Customer Success at SuccessChain
Jordan Silverman
Chief Customer Officer at GoSwift
Jon Triggs
Head of Customer Success at Fluent Technology
Irit Eizips
CEO at CSM Practice
Chad Horenfeldt
Director of Customer Success at Kustomer
Jeff Heckler
Director of Customer Success at MarketSource
Anu Dhudat
Associate Director at Syndigo
Bill Cushard
VP of Customer Service at Service Rocket
Elodie O’Rourkie
Director of Customer Success at Financial Times
Maranda Dziekonski
Chief Customer Officer at Swiftly,Inc.

These 16 participants have led, built, grown Customer Success Teams at every scale and segment all the while propogating the Customer Success community with their innovation, ideas and content. Most of them are a part of the top 100 CS Influencers/Strategists. This Global Survey Report combines the acumen, experience and foresight into a packet for you.

The rationale of this report is to educate and nuture the developing talent in CS as well as provide key insights that help CS team all around the world to gain more in 2022. We have also added our perspective as a Customer Success Intelligence platform of how we see this field evolving.

Table of content

1. Biggest challenges in Customer Success in 2022?
2. State of Industry Insight
3. Product Adoption Evolves
4. Best Practices to Drive Adoption in 2022
5. Net Retention Revenue and other relevant KPIs in 2022
6. Automation, AI and Current Gaps in Customer Success Software
7. The Way Forward for Customer Success Tech Stack
8. CustomerSuccessBox’s take
9. Summary

Biggest challenges in Customer Success in 2022

Some common challenges plagued in your Customer Success Journey
  • Not measuring Customer Health the right way.
  • Failed communication and relationship with Customers.
  • Ineffective Onboarding.
  • Inaccurate Hand-off from Sales to Customer Success team
  • Clinging on to a reactive approach to Customer Success.
  • Not Segmenting customers.
  • No defined KPIs and Outcomes.
Read more on common Customer Success Challenges here

State of Industry Insight

Product Adoption Evolves

The Importance of Product Adoption

For B2B SaaS companies, user adoption is one of the most important elements of sustainable growth. Improving user adoption can help you fight churn, bring in good customer loyalty at the end of the customer journey and easier upsell opportunities.

  • It can encourage existing customers to grow their account.
  • Boost engagement with the product
  • Improve demo conversion rates

You can see the impact of user adoption on multiple metrics like Customer Acquisition Cost, Customer Lifetime Value, Churn Rate, MRR, ARR, and more.

Read more about Product Adoption Strategies on our blog here.

Customer Success KPIs trend in 2022

Automation, AI and Current Gaps in Customer Success Software

The Way Forward for Customer Success Tech Stack

CustomerSuccessBox’s Take: The Road Ahead

With Subscription economy, the customer is empowered to fire you and only wants to pay for value. Nothing else. No wonder you have invested in Customer Success technology, but are the current Customer Success technologies equipped enough to meet challenges.

Some of the struggles of modern Customer Success teams that we identified in our survey are


Customer Success is growing at a rapid rate and your company should be getting ready to adapt and improve. The Customer Success trends show the emergence of AI and automation for increased efficiency. They also show how customer centric businesses are becoming. They are focusing on the value aspect, building strong relationships and communities. 2022 is going to be a big year and we hope that you contribute maximally to it!

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