Dec 2021 Edition

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News about all the new happenings in the Customer Success world along with strategic insights from industry experts.
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Table of content

Puneet Kataria- Founder & CEO, CustomerSuccessBox presents the first edition of the Newsletter- SuccessBound. It has all the curated information and news from the world of Customer Success
Customer Onboarding is a key step in the business relationship that will mark the beginning of a long story (hopefully) between your customers and your company. In this section, we have experts giving you strategic insights to get your customer onboarding right.
Interview with
Our team at CustomerSuccessBox has scanned the global market to get you the most coveted jobs in Customer Success. Go ahead and apply.
Some relevant and curated content from the world of customer success. Do read, if you want to up your game
Upcoming customer success events that you cannot afford to miss.
As a CSM, you want to know how your peers are coping up with challenges. In this section, we have our very talented Chief  Churn Crusher -Anita Toth talking about her likes, dislikes, challenges and how she deals with it in her daily life
The CustomerSuccessBox 101 Training for CSMs will help you drive business outcomes and become a trusted advisor who continuously delivers value to their customers
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