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Looking for a better Natero alternative?

Data is only a starting point. Data is necessary, but not sufficient to improve onboarding, reduce churn and increase LTV

CustomerSuccessBox vs Natero



Starts at $499/month ?
Success Manager Seats
Unlimited ?
Built for Inside CSMs
360 View
See all Integrations Limited
Write E-mail
Make phone calls
Task Management
Smart Workflows
Health Score

How CustomerSuccessBox makes life easier for a Customer Success Manager?

  • Customer success is not a Data problem

    Move beyond age old analytics tools built for expensive field success operations.

  • Fully configurable Account health provides a starting point but it does not stop there

    CustomerSuccessBox is the all-in-one Actionable platform, built on top of customer 360 degree views.

Customer Onboarding Process
  • No more shuffling between tools

    Write emails, make phone calls, manage tasks, log activities from within the platform.

  • Smarter Actionable Playbooks

    Know which workflow was successful and which needs a customer success manager’s attention.


Find the right plan for you

Starting from $499/month


For businesses who want to start with the customer success initiative with a small success team

Standard Integrations

Single Product

Email Support


For businesses with mature customer success practices and a large success team

Standard integrations with custom rules

Single Product

Live Chat Support


For businesses who want to extend with the customer success initiative across a range of products and teams

Standard integrations with custom rules and two way sync

Multi Product

Phone Support


CustomerSuccessBox has really helped us to focus on things we needed to focus on. It has helped us to be more proactive and work on customers who are risky and as a result we had a much better 2020 than what we had expected under the circumstances

Antony Lipman Head of Client Success

We chose CustomerSuccessBox because it streamlined our Onboarding process and now we exactly know which account is at what stage in their Onboarding journey and also identify early warning signs for proactive support. After implementing the CustomerSuccessBox, the CSM:Account ratio increased by 25% in 6 months

Karin Chief Customer Success Officer

CustomerSuccessBox provides a 360-degree customer view and end-to-end customer success management. Without having to switch platforms, we now have instant insights on account health, product adoption, plus risk alerts and upsell triggers. The platform enables us to automate customer success at scale without losing the human touch.

Gustavo Bianco Head of Customer Success

Without CustomerSuccessBox, we were managing things through our CRM or spreadsheets and that was not dynamic. CustomerSuccessBox allowed us to see exactly what the customers are doing and how often they were logging in. On top of having the visibility, we could create alerts or automate playbooks to guide the customers.

Thiago Nascimento Director of Customer Success

We chose CustomerSuccessBox primarily because it covers all the use cases that we needed for our Customer Success. Customer success affects the expansion of our business and customer satisfaction.

Sergey Sundukovskiy CTO/CPO, Co-founder

Before CustomerSuccessBox, we had little awareness of which customer needed our help and who was happy. With CustomerSuccessBox’s custom account health and smart playbooks, we are no longer on the defensive. It helps our success managers take proactive actions to retain customers and reduce churn.

Enrique Novomisky Co-founder, WoowUp
Enrique Novomisky


Do not just believe what we write. See CustomerSuccessBox live in action. We’ll try our best to impress you. ?

You can also discuss your queries on our live chat.

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