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Monitor Account Health Score

Account Health 360 tracks product adoption, financial, service and relationship health, and allows Customer Success to add a custom risk score

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Account Health 360


Product Adoption

CustomerSuccessBox tracks Product Signals like frequency of usage, depth of usage, active user trend, key usage milestones and license utilization to calculate product adoption health.


Track financial signals such as Revenue trend, Due Invoices amount, Days since last renewal and more to calculate Financial Health


We have seen that people tend to ignore support post setting up success. Account Health 360 tracks critical unresolved tickets, Frequency of new conversations, Satisfaction score trend, etc. to calculate service health for each account.


Track signals such as Touchpoint frequency, Recency of touchpoint and Touchpoints by channel to calculate Relationship Health


If you click on the risk tab, you can define a custom risk score for the account, and add tags indicating common risk or confidence context curated by you or the team for quick at-a-glance view. You can maintain custom notes as well for Risk and Confidence.

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