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Customer Health Score

Customer health score is the measure of value delivered to a customer.

Purpose of Health Score

Simply put the main purpose of customer health score is to orchestrate a success manager’s attention. Who needs your help, when and why. So that s/he can proactively address and resolve issues, and keep customers forever.

Customer health score can’t be a black box. As a SaaS business, you should know precisely why a customer’s health is good, average or poor. So, you should configure health based on the exact data points that imply value delivery from your product.


CustomerSuccessBox offers powerful 3-level customer health score configuration

Product Level Health

Every product is unique. Configure customer health score based on usage of key features and modules. No more generic product usage based health scores. Calculate a real indicator of value delivered.

Segment Level Health

Different Segments should have different health configuration. By segmenting you can put accounts into different buckets. For example, it could represent the use case behind purchasing the product and each use case must have a different health score definition.

Account Level Health

Every account, within the segment further is unique in its own right. You want the properties of an individual account to be reflected in calculating the account health of that account.

If you have a school management system, then the threshold for number of health is good or poor, should be based on each school’s student strength or staff count. So health configuration would be different for a school with 800 students as compared to a school with 1000 students.

But what customer health score doesn’t tell you is why an account’s health is poor.

That is why we have built milestones, to know exactly where is the customer on the path to value. We understand the importance of a real-time health score for a subscription business.


You want to be able to monitor true product adoption through the customer health score. With Milestones, you can configure the product adoption journey and track your customers’ progress on the path to value.

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