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CustomerSuccessBox integrates with customer data to give a complete 360 degree view of your customers. Do not just import data but use it to trigger alerts and influence account health.

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Get account, contact, and opportunity information, purchase history, and even custom fields from all major CRM systems.


Capture all ticket information along with the entire conversation, ticket type, ticket status, escalations, and resolutions.

Billing & Payment

Collect key subscription and financial data such as contract length, renewals, discounts, invoices and payments.


Two-way email sync enables you to communicate with your customers without leaving your success platform.


Import chat details so that success managers have all communication in one place.


CoInclude Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to influence account health and trigger alerts.

Product Usage


Integrate with our Rest APIs to send existing product data


Use our Javascript library to capture data directly from your product


Already using Segment, Mixpanel or other analytics? We directly collect data from these services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Integration Fee?

  • A small fee of $29/month/Integration
  • Integration via APIs – Free
  • Gmail (G Suite) – Free

What about Custom Integrations, if the product I want to integrate is not listed?

  • We are constantly adding new integrations. Write to us for any integrations that you’d like.
  • As an alternative, API is always a great way to bring in data from a homegrown or a non-integrated platform. There is no extra charge for API based integration.

What is the engineering effort for pushing product usage data?

  • It is 2-6 hours of one time development effort. Alternatively, if you’re using an analytics platform such as Segment, Mixpanel, etc., we can directly take the usage data feed from the third party analytics platform. In case of the latter, your engineering effort will not be required.
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