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Outcome Driven Customer Success Software for B2B SaaS

Reduce churn, drive product adoption and grow revenue

Integrates with

Customer Success Software Portfolio Dashboard

Millions of events logged & 100,000+ Accounts monitored Daily!

High Effort, High Churn

Deliver Outcomes, Maximize Retention

Data Integrations

CustomerSuccessBox integrates with all your existing systems including CRM, Support Desk, Billing, NPS, and Analytics to provide a 360 degree view of your customers.

Key Features

Empower your customer success team with the best in class customer success software to grow multi-million dollar portfolios

Milestones & Alerts

Never miss out on key events. Auto generate alerts to draw a success manager’s attention.


Time-bound playbooks and manage tasks to on-board, increase product adoption, renewals and upsells.


Apply segment specific strategies. Segment by use case, location, industry, revenue, product usage.

Monitor Health

Auto monitor key parameters like usage frequency, features used, etc. that add up to account health.

360 degree view

Connect with CRM, helpdesk, Billing system and homegrown systems to get a 360o view of each account.


Get the big picture of every CSM’s portfolio. Track portfolio growth, retention rate and engagement.

Communication & Tasks

E-mail, make calls and manage tasks all from within a single platform to boost productivity by 2X.

Campaigns & Feedback

Send campaigns to customers based on pre-defined triggers. Nudge them to upgrade at the right moment.

What our customers have to say

Thiago Nascimento

Director of Customer Success

Sergey Sundukovskiy

CTO/CPO, Co-founder

Before CustomerSuccessBox, we had little awareness of which customer needed our help and who was happy. With CustomerSuccessBox’s custom account health and smart playbooks, we are no longer on the defensive. It helps our success managers take proactive actions to retain customers and reduce churn.

Enrique Novomisky

Co-founder, WoowUp

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