Look beyond Expensive, Integration-heavy Legacy Platform

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The Outcome Driven Customer Success Platform

CustomerSuccessBox is an outcome driven customer success platform built for B2B SaaS that allows you to deploy without partner dependencies.

Implementation Cycle
With Gainsight, you would usually need an expensive third party integration partner. And the project could easily drag for months. CustomerSuccessBox take weeks to implement and has no external dependencies.
Development heavy
With Gainsight, you would require expensive implementation partners and still not get the value for months. CustomerSuccessBox does not require any external partners to deploy.
Long Onboarding time
The Gainsight platform is for large enterprises only and is very complex. Can have a long 6-9 months implementation cycle to reach to early value. CustomerSuccessBox takes only weeks to deploy.

Outcome Driven

  • Gainsight puts the best success show in town to establish themselves as the thought leader. Unfortunately, it sits on Salesforce, requires expensive implementation partners to roll out and has complex configurations. Before you remotely see any value which was promised, months have passed, and your churn has gone worse. So, why buy an integration heavy legacy platform?
  • CustomerSuccessBox  allows you to deploy without dependencies while being fully integrated with CRM, Support, Subscription, Billing and Engagement platforms.

We pride ourselves for being #1 customer success software

Salesforce Integration

  • Enjoy 2-way integration with Salesforce without building any dependencies. CustomerSuccessBox Salesforce App pushes Account health insights right within Salesforce and keeps all activities in sync for your management and sales team to be always up to date.

Top rated customer success software

See CustomerSuccessBox in action

CustomerSuccessBox is Gainsight # 1 alternative

CustomerSuccessBox is a self-managed and self-administered customer success platform built specifically for B2B SaaS

Feature Comparison
Self Managed
Self Administered
Onboarding Manager
Health 360
Easy to Adopt
Less handholding
Fully Integrated
Visual Playbook
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