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Dear Readers!

I am once again back in your inbox with another issue of our monthly magazine- #SuccessBound.

The last issue focused on Quarterly Business Reviews, their importance, and how to do them right. It was a precursor to how we want to propagate the Customer Success space.

Before talking about the content of this issue, I want to emphasize the value #SuccessBound has. The initial brewing days of a Customer Success department are the most tricky. You have to lay down a solid foundation and these newsletters combine our experience in the domain with experts from the field.

#SuccessBound is a concentrated packet of all the foundational information for Customer Success growth. This issue will focus on Customer Onboarding. This is not limited to just knowing the right methods but about the challenges, you might face and what success for you might look like.

It is time for proactive strategies to take over by leveraging best-in-class technology and this newsletter will be your guide.

In this edition, we cover

  • CS leaders’ opinion on Onboarding
  • Curated Readings
  • Hot Job Openings
  • CS events and more

I am proud to bring the second edition of #SuccessBound to your inbox.


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