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Dear Readers!

I present to you the inaugural issue of our monthly magazine – #SuccessBound.

The post covid world understands the importance of retention on overall growth rates. The founders/CEOs are finally focussing on the post-sales lifecycle of the customer and this makes customer success more important than ever.

Today, companies that fail to deliver value when they are most needed are at risk of losing those recurring customers, who will jump ship in favor of businesses that can deliver value.

During the last 12 to 18 months, I saw organizations with more mature and developed customer success practices reap the benefits. These organizations had a deeper understanding of the changes experienced at the customer level and reorganizing potential strategic pivots that helped them reorient the business. In all this, Customer Success has helped in not only protecting existing revenue and retaining customers but also to uncover new opportunities in these times of uncertainty.

With this in mind, I unveil the first issue of our monthly magazine – #SuccessBound. We have tried to get you news about all the new happenings in the Customer Success world along with strategic insights from industry experts.

In this edition, we cover

  • The effective way to do QBRs- We present to you insights about QBR from 5 industry stalwarts.
  • Curated Readings from CS world
  • Hot job openings
  • Upcoming CS events and more

As Ken Lownie says” In the Subscription Economy, the connection between your customer’s Success and your Success is much more DIRECT”.

I hope you enjoy reading, as much as I enjoyed bringing this to you.


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