The definitive guide to Customer Health Score

No more wild guesses on who will churn or renew. Customer health score gives you sneak peek into it
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A step by step guide to setting up the perfect health score for your customers

Customer Health is not only about product adoption. There are various dimensions to the overall Customer Health than merely as to how a customer adopts your product. Learn how to set up the perfect health score
Early Warning signs
The health score should send you early warning signs
Driving specific actions
Send out warning signals forcing CSM to specific actions
Validating Outcomes
The health score should help your validate the business outcomes

10 Chapters Included

Not ready to dive in yet? Take a look at some of the chapters that will help you add value and set up the perfect health score
What is 360- degree customer health
Tenets of health score
How do you calculate customer health score
Best practices for setting up health score
Factors that influence customer health score
5 dimensions of customer health

Did you just start as a customer success manager? Or want to excel in the current position?

What are you waiting for? Understand what it takes, analyze how to be, and execute what it asks for, to be great at it by learning from the e-book, now!
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