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Customer Training

Customer training is an essential part of customer lifecycle. Customers prefer step wise guidance to ensure they achieve maximum value out of product/service in no time. Customer training is all about facilitating the product adoption, and enabling the customers to achieve Desired Outcome using the product.

Training is of two types:-

  • Self Training (product collaterals, Knowledgebase, tutorials, recorded webinars, videos)
  • Training by Product Experts/Customer Success Managers (demo’s, webinars, online sessions)

Customer Success Managers learn the business objective, and help customers getting on board with the product. There could be short term or long term goals, hence it’s important to follow a well defined training roadmap/plan.

  • Understand the “Desired Outcome” for which customer has purchased the product
  • Break down the business use case/objective into different “Goals”
  • Define timeline to achieve each Goal
  • Set up trainings corresponding to each Goal
  • Track product usage post trainings
  • Measure the success rate of each Goal
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