Customer Success Risk Alerts

Make every account a healthy with automated risk alerts

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Get actionable Risk alerts in real time

Monitor Account health and get actionable Risk alerts in real time. Understand Who needs hand holding, When and Why. Get ahead of churn.

See Platform in action

Smart data driven AI powered Risk alerts

  • AI powered Risk Alerts point you right where your attention is needed the most.
  • It alerts you when it finds anything suggesting a future churn risk, so that you can dive right into where you’re needed, while you still have time to save the account.

Ensure perfect onboarding each time every time

  • Create Playbook to help your customer move ahead in the journey . Real time alerts, tasks and milestones let you get the customer  back on track if he falls behind
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Account Risk Tracking
Auto generate risk alerts for accounts for CSM intervention
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CSM Portfolio Tracking
View status of all accounts in the CSM portfolio in one glance
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Automated Onboarding
Guided playbooks and milestone for faster time to value
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Deliver world class Customer Success at scale

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