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Not all trials are same. Track when early value milestone are achieved by the ongoing trials. Know exactly who needs help and who is ready to be converted.



Monitor all your Trials / Proofs of Concept (POCs) and determine which accounts are actively using product features. Move active accounts from Trial to Convert stage


Do not wait for trials to end. Set up predefined triggers to notify your success managers when an early milestone is achieved. Take proactive actions to convert trials to acquisitions.

Milestone Achieved


Seeds of success are sown early. Studies have found that customers that survive and thrive in the first 30, 60 and 90 days, stick on for a very long time. Take customers through a planned onboarding journey. Don’t leave onboarding to chance.


Customer Onboarding

Onboard customers with time-bound success plays. CustomerSuccessBox onboarding playbook lets you track not just process, but also monitor expected product adoption at each stage using patent-pending technology.

Segment Onboarding

Watch all new accounts during the crucial Onboarding stage. New accounts get automatically assigned to Onboarding Segments so that you’ll never drop the ball on them.



No more guessing on who will renew by monitoring real-time Account Health. Coupled with customer billing and CRM data, you will have all the data to retain customers.



Monitor product usage and number of active users to determine the engagement level of an account. Customer churn will not be a surprise if you are on top of license utilization numbers.

360 degree Customer View

A fully integrated customer success platform that connects with your CRM, Helpdesks, Billing system, customer engagement system and even your homegrown systems to provide customer success managers a complete 360 degree view of each account.

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360 degree view


No more juggling between tools, get all customer communication in one place. You get the ability to send emails, make calls and manage tasks from inside the platform. Success managers take preemptive measures to engage with accounts with average or poor health.

User Activation

Activate real users within each account. Identify and onboard new users within old accounts. Create product champions.

User Activation


Grow your portfolio by monitoring Up-sell signals. Know who is ready to upgrade and nudge them at the right moment. Increase up-sells and drive growth.


Monitor all license utilization metrics and know which account has high license usage. Utilize this segment to determine when to up-sell and to which account.

Active Users

Active User Alert

Watch out for upgrade opportunities. Create Alerts for High License utilization.

Upgrade Playbook

Everyone creates onboarding playbooks. Think beyond onboarding. CustomerSuccessBox allows you to create playbooks to determine when an account is ready for an upgrade.