Actionable Customer Success Intelligence Platform

The most advanced Customer Success Intelligence software to Onboard, Upsell and Retain customers for ever. Customer Success Intelligence (CSI) helps you proactively uncover key customer insights for Better decisions and Better Outcomes.

Actionable Customer Success Inteliigence platform

Customer Onboarding

Seeds of success are sown early. Studies have found that customers that survive and thrive in the first 30, 60 and 90 days, stick on for a very long time. Take customers through a planned onboarding journey. Don’t leave onboarding to chance.  Learn more

Customer Onboarding

  • Onboard customers with time-bound success plays. CustomerSuccessBox onboarding playbook lets you track not just process, but also monitors expected product adoption at each stage using patent-pending technology.
  • Reduce Onboarding time by 30% by triggering automatic onboarding messages like welcome emails, training and learning resources, risk alerts through playbooks and journeys
Customer Onboarding

Segment Onboarding

  • Watch all new accounts during the crucial Onboarding stage. New accounts get automatically assigned to Onboarding Segments so that you’ll never drop the ball on them.
  • Create time bound tasks and activities for each stage in the Onboarding playbook for each segment to measure the actual time to value. Create alerts and intervention tasks in case a customer deviates and to bring him back on track
Segment Onboarding

The actionable Customer Success Software with most advanced features

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Customer Retention

No more guessing on who will renew by monitoring real-time Account Health. Coupled with customer billing and CRM data, you will have all the data to retain customers.  Learn more

Product Usage

  • Monitor product usage and number of active users to determine the engagement level of an account. Customer churn will not be a surprise if you are on top of license utilization numbers.
  • AI monitors every Account. It calculates Retention probability of every account. It generates recommendation for CSM to drive retention and upsells. Even calculating dollars every action can potentially unlock in LTV.
Customer Retention

360 ° Customer View  with Actionability

  • A fully integrated customer success platform that connects with your CRM, Help desk, Billing system, customer engagement system and even your homegrown systems to provide customer success managers a complete 360 degree view of each account.
  • Built in Actionability. No more juggling between tools, get all customer communication in one place. You get the ability to send emails, make calls and manage tasks from inside the customer success platform. CSMs take pre-emptive measures to engage with accounts with average or poor health.
360 degree customer view
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Upsell Intelligence

Grow your portfolio by monitoring Up-sell signals. Know who is ready to upgrade and nudge them at the right moment. Increase Up-sells and drive growth. Learn more

Customer Expansion

  • CustomerSuccessBox AI generates upsell signals for your team to work on. An AI upsell signal not only points CSM to the right account at the right time, its also saves them from doing data decoding for identifying upsell signals..
  • AI powered upsell recommendation does the difficult job of data crunching and gives you the perfect upsell ready accounts for them to work on. Imagine a new set of upsell ready accounts every week on your desk.
Customer Expansion

Upgrade Playbook

  • Everyone creates onboarding playbooks. Think beyond onboarding. CustomerSuccessBox allows you to create Upsell playbooks with series of tasks and alerts for the CSM when the customer is ready for upgrade.
Upgrade Playbook

Get the #1 Customer Success platform for your growing customer success team

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Automate repeatable lifecycle activities with best-in-class Customer Success Automation which facilitates human-intervention as and when required. Learn more

Automated Communication

  • Make your Customer Success Practice ready to scale by automating mundane tasks and communication. Enrol the account for right customer success practice by automating training video emailers or auto create alerts for your teams so that they do not miss out on important touch points with the customer and reduce  ramp up time for newly joined CSMs.

Customer Success Automation

Automated Workflows

  • Design automated customer success workflows for customers through their lifecycle. Key use cases could be account assignment, self-onboarding drip for new customers and renewal reminder emails.

Automated Workflows
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