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90 Day Customer Success Plan Template


Have you been recently hired as a first Customer Success Manager (CSM) in a SaaS company? If you are the first CSM, it can be a challenge to make the first 90 days’ SaaS customer success plan.

Devising such a plan is of utmost importance. Do you know why?

It is because the first 90 days as a Customer Success Leader determines if you’re on the right path to increase your recurring revenue. You can increase your MRR retention to 130%!

This template would help you to do exactly that.

Key Highlights

The 90-Day plan has been categorized into the following 3 segments of 30 days each:

  • * First 30 Day plan
  • * 30-60 Day plan
  • * 60-90 Day plan

90 day plan framework

Now, this has been done so that you can clearly define the goals which you need to achieve. Understanding the business & customers, planning the way forward, and taking actions could be your broad objectives.

However, these objectives need to be broken down into actionable steps with a timeline which is what the next part of the template does.

The First 30 days

Spend the first 30 days on customer personas, customer data, and creating segments (buckets).

First 30 day plan
The template has clearly identified the steps/actions that you need to take in order to successfully conclude your plan.

31-60 day Plan

Create a high-level CS strategy, hire a CS leader, map the customer journey, build a customer engagement model and identify upsell opportunities in the next 30 days.

31-60 day plan

61-90 day plan

Build dashboards, set up KPIs, expand the team, and select a customer success tool.

60-90 day plan

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