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Customer Success Metrics

Customer Success Metrics are used to measure the success of Customer Success Strategy. In SaaS economy, business growth is directly linked to customer’s success. To help customers achieve the Desired Outcome, it’s essential to constantly check about their experience and goals at each step.

We talk about building a relationship with customers, but is there any way to measure how healthy the relationship is? Do our customers feel love and connected? That’s where the data/metrics help us.

Customer Success metrics helps us in tracking the overall health of customer base, whether the accounts will grow or churn. To scale the business, we need to track right metrics. Each company has defined different metrics based on their product and customer base.

However, some of the common Customer Success metrics in SaaS world are:

  • On-Boarding: How soon the customer is onboard, how many interactions were exchanged with the brand, how soon the first value was delivered.
  • Product Usage/Adoption: Frequency of product usage, no of logins everyday, activities performed
  • CSAT/NPS score: To seek feedback about the product/services
  • Customer Health Score: To track the product usage trends, purchase history, interactions with the brand.
  • Revenue Growth: Expansions, Up-sell, Cross-sell
  • Recurring Revenue: Increase/decrease in MRR or ARR
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