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Customer Success Lunch And Learn NYC

Customer Success Lunch & Learn in NYC

November 7, 2019

11:00am – 1:00pm

Vault, 530 7th Avenue, Mezzanine Level

Puneet Kataria

Founder & CEO, CustomerSuccessBox



Back in 2009 knowing who’s logging in was revolutionary. Today all SaaS business track tons of data, but inspite that, Customer Success Managers are lost.

Puneet was responsible for MRR as VP of Sales at a SaaS company. He was thrilled by the opportunity of using tech in customer success space, but was frustrated with how repackaged and borrowed from marketing world it looked. And then decided to do fix it himself. Hear it directly form the horses mouth, from the founder of CustomerSuccessBox about the innovations in Customer Success technology.

Not just that, network with Customer Success leaders from many SaaS companies at this invite only event.


  • Account Health 360: (then vs now): How a single score can be misleading and what’s the right way to do it.
  • Automating customer success: To achieve scale but without losing the human touch. How automation borrowed from marketing fails and what should be the right approach to it?
  • Product Adoption: Going beyond task based On-boarding playbooks. How technology can drive true Product Adoption.
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