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Customer Success Journey

We have heard about pre-sales journey to convert a visitor into customer, but what’s next? How do we ensure to deliver the same value post sales? How do we set the customer for success, and make him customer forever?

Winning the customer marks a beginning of new relationship, which can be nurtured by well crafted post sales journey. Customer Success Managers play a very important role in this space. A typical success journey involves multiple stages such as:-

  • On Board: Involves product configuration & implementation according to customer’s business objective
  • Engage: Enablement to use the product to enhance product adoption
  • Monitor: Track the product usage and account health
  • Renewal: Multi years renewal, early renewals to increase the revenue
  • Account Growth: Expansion via up sell/cross sell

The end goal is to make the customer successful in achieving the Desired outcome, through a stellar Customer Experience.

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