Customer Success Glossary

Common Customer Success terms that every CSM must know

Role of a Customer Success Manager

We keep talking about acquiring the customer, new bookings, revenue growth. But what about the existing customers? How do we ensure that they grow and succeed with us? While Sales Manager closes the deal and we get a new customer, what’s next? How do we ensure that the relationship exists with customer post sales too?

In today’s business economy, the actual relationship begins post sales. That’s why a separate function called Customer Success has come into play. Customer Success Managers are the ones who drive Customer Success. As there is a pre-sales journey, Customer Success Managers define post sales journey to nurture the relationship. They are responsible to on board the customers.

Customers expect a lot more value than product usage. That’s where Customer Success Managers proactively share the best industry practices, webinars, trainings etc to make customers successful.

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