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Common Customer Success terms that every CSM must know

Customer Success

n subscription economy, there has been lot of excitement about acquiring the customers, reducing churn and growing recurring revenue.

We talk about Customer Service, Customer Support, Customer Relationship everyday. But are these functions setting up customers for success? Do we deliver the stream of value post sales? Have our customers been successful with our product/service?

A customer is successful once he achieves the Desired Outcome. To enable this, businesses have come up with “Customer Success” function. Customer Success is driven by Customer Success Manager. They follow a proactive approach to create top notch Customer Experience.

Once the customer purchases product, he is handed over to Customer Success Manager. Each customer has different success metrics. Customer Success Managers play a fundamental role in understanding the business objective, on boarding and enabling product adoption.

To ensure that the business goals are achieved, Customer Success Managers monitor the product usage and Account health closely.

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