Customer Success Glossary

Common Customer Success terms that every CSM must know

Customer Segmentation

Each business wants to deliver top notch Customer Experience to build a long lasting business relationship. Be it B2C or B2B, keeping post sales relationship is ever challenging task. With the change in the business economy and multiple options, customers expect the constant value to be successful with the brand.

Being a consumer ourselves, we can relate to customer’s expectations. But how can we ensure that all of our customers feel loved and connected? Each customer has different expectations, how to ensure the customers grow as the business grows?

With growing customer base, companies prefer to divide customers into groups on the basis of certain similarities. The objective is to establish audience specific conversations.

One of the best parameter to segment the customer is by the business problem they are trying to solve

A quick list of possible segmentation criteria:

After analyzing the data on specific parameters (which could be different depending upon customer base/product type), different strategies are planned for each customer group to ensure they get maximum ROI from the product/service.

Other common terms

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