Customer Success Glossary

Common Customer Success terms that every CSM must know

Client Success

Despite adding hundreds of new customers, delivering top notch product, 24*7 customer support, does the revenue scale? Are customers really using the product post sales? Do the customers renew their subscription? Do you get referrals from the customers?

Ever thought why?

The business economy has changed. Customers expect value beyond reactive support. They don’t purchase your product to use certain features. They want to be successful in achieving their business goals using the product/service. A successful customer is motivated to renew the subscription and be loyal to the brand.

That’s why a separate function, Client/Customer Success has come into play. The objective is to understand the business goals of the customer and deliver first value at the earliest to help the customers meet their goals. Effective Customer Onboarding followed by Customer Engagement strategy is essential.

Other common terms

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