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Customer Success Analytics for B2B SaaS

Actionable and usable insights for you, your customer success team and your customers

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You can’t become better at something you don’t measure. But measuring SaaS customer success metrics is not enough. You need actionable insights for your customer success managers (CSMs).

CustomerSuccessBox has FIVE types of customer success analytics


View health status of all accounts, monitor trends for account health scores and even get health score trends by MRR.


View trends for renewals due, segmented by number of renewals as well as MRR value of renewals, and take proactive actions from within CustomerSuccessBox to avoid last minute hassles.


Monitor user growth for active, inactive and total users so that you know exactly how many licenses are being utilized and what is the product adoption.


View account and MRR growth for all your customer segments and individual CSMs.


View playbook activity and activity (calls, emails, tasks, events logged, etc.) trends for each customer segment and each CSM

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