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AI generated proactive recommendations for CSMs to drive retention.

AI generated SMART Recommendations to drive retention and unlock LTV $$ proactively.

Customers are at various stages in their life cycle, maturity, adoption, plans and even expectations. Knowing what is the best action plan for each customer takes years of experience and deep understanding. Constraining you to a handful of CSMs or getting limited results from new CSMs.

Sheldon [AI] analyses historic CSM actions, customer’s product adoption and engagement behaviour to learn (& recommend) what leads to renewal/churn/upsell.

AI generates recommendations for CSMs for every Account and gets you ahead of the game.

Meet Sheldon[AI]: Your new Customer Success team member.

👋  I am Sheldon. I am your new Customer Success partner. 

  1. I know all past Renewals 

  2. I analyze historic product adoption and engagement

  3. I learn which actions lead to Retention 

  4. I monitor all your accounts

  5. I recommend next best action

Let’s take your portfolio to 130%+ MRR retention, together.

See it in Action

Turn every CSM to SUPER CSM

Sheldon learns retention secrets as followed by Sr. CSMs on all past renewal. This learning when shared coaches every CSM. Making even the new CSMs be effective on day one. Turning every CSM into a Super CSM.

Customer Success Manager




Super CSM

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Retain customers at scale

The comprehensive view of your customers and smart recommendations help you scale with proven actions that deliver outcomes.

Faster CSM training

Coaches CSMs on the go. Reduces Time spent to train CSM.

Scale with confidence

No manager supervision needed. Smart Recommendations for better outcomes

Strengthen Relationships

The smart recommendation allows the CSM to take timely actions that deliver value. Higher engagement with the customer

Never run blind

Always monitoring every action taken by the user. Covers your blind side

Adapts to Product updates

AI adapts to the product changes. It re-learn the value goals from the adoption behavior of new product features automatically.

Learns new user behavior

Customer mature, their usage patterns change. AI learns new user behavior quickly and fine-tunes its recommendations periodically.

Smart recommendations

No need to enter rules and wait to learn from trial and error.

Gets smarter every day

Feedback makes it even smarter. Specific actions for specific outcomes.

Empower your Customer Success Managers with the power of AI

Talk to us and let us show how we can help you make your CSMs into Super CSMs with the power of Customer Success AI-generated recommendation. Sign up for a live demo.

How does Sheldon work?

Sheldon [AI] unclogs the historical data to learn the behavioral pattern of the churned and retained customer to provide you insights and recommendations that help you drive retention.

Product Adoption Recommendations

Sheldon recommends what features should CSMs aim for adoption

  • It learns adoption of what parts of the product lead to higher retention
  • It then combines actual adoption with this learning to generate product adoption specific recommendations.

Customer Engagement Recommendations

Sheldon recommends what CSM should do proactively.

  • Sheldon learns what CSMs engagements and actions lead to retention.
  • Sheldon then identifies opportunities to improve engagement and build a stronger relationship.

Sheldon watches every tiny move

Sheldon strong AI capability is watching for any pattern change. In hundreds of features used by your customer, any decline or boost in usage never goes undetected.

Detect anomalies on the fly

  • Unlocks potential upsell opportunities by highlight any jump in product adoption.

  • Monitor potential risks using anomaly alerts that spot any drop in product adoption.

CustomerSuccessBox-Sheldon[AI] recommendations has the potentiality to generate future LTV equal to 500% ARR.

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