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Reduce MRR Churn

No more guessing on who will renew by monitoring real-time Account Health

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Customer Success Platform

Customer Retention for B2B SaaS

Coupled with customer billing, CRM, support and product usage data, you will have all the data to increase customer retention.


Set up predefined triggers to notify your success managers when a milestone is achieved. Take proactive actions to retain customers.

customer retention alert email
monitor health to know who will renew

Monitor Health

Every account, within the segment is unique in its own right. Monitor account health for each account based upon properties of each individual account.


Manage your customer portfolio from one place. Know who is ready to renew and nudge them at the right moment. Reduce churn and grow recurring revenue.

monitor renewal dates and increase customer retention
assign tasks to achieve customer retention goals


Monitor all tasks in one place as your customer success team works on them to achieve customer retention goals. Create new tasks for each account and assign them to CSMs.


What our customers have to say about CustomerSuccessBox

Before CustomerSuccessBox, we had little awareness of which customer needed our help and who was happy. With CustomerSuccessBox’s custom account health and smart playbooks, we are no longer on the defensive. It helps our success managers take proactive actions to retain customers and reduce churn.

Enrique Novomisky

Co-founder, WoowUp

Within weeks of implementing CustomerSuccessBox, we were able to foresee potential account churns by monitoring Account Health Scores. Warning came in early enough for our customer success team to engage in time. In most cases we were successful in retaining the customer. With this pace we are going to reduce the churn rate by 50% by end of the year.

Vivek Saini

Founder, QDC

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