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Reduce Churn. Improve Retention.

Monitor Account health, get actionable Risk alerts in real time. Understand Who needs hand holding, When and Why. Get ahead of churn. De-risk accounts with proactive interventions.


Ensure customer retention each time , every time.

Customer Success Platform

Predicting customer churn is easier than ever


Fight customer churn by being proactive

Don’t wait for customers to raise a support ticket anymore. CustomerSuccessBox monitors all accounts and users every move without missing a beat. It alerts you when it finds anything suggesting a future churn risk, so that you can dive right into where you’re needed, while you still have time to save the account. Smart data driven AI powered Risk Alerts point you right where your attention is needed the most.

Be Alerted, if they stop logging in, if an account stop using a particular module, if usage of a particular feature drops below the threshold, if renewal is due, if payment is overdue, if there are too many or even too low tickets… and for every thing else too.

Alerts. Never miss anything interesting.

Stay on top of each account. Get alerted right where you are, in your inbox or on in right #Slack or within CustomerSuccessBox.  

Set up predefined triggers to notify your success managers when a milestone is achieved. Take proactive actions to retain customers.

Follow all your accounts or accounts that are at an important customer life cycle stage.

customer retention alert email

See the #1 Customer retention software in action

monitor health to know who will renew

Monitor real time account health. See who is getting value.

Now you don’t have to call each account to know who is getting value from your product and who is not. 

Every account, within the segment, is unique in its own right. Monitor account health for each account based upon the properties of each individual account. Configure unique Account health for each customer segment and life cycle stage.

Seeing that your SaaS product is delivering value with data and insights gives you the confidence to manage and grow your portfolio.

CSMs Portfolio. Be better organized, better managed

Distribute and manage accounts to CSMs. Do it by region, industry or customer segment.

Manage your customer portfolio from one place. Know who is ready to renew and nudge them at the right moment. Reduce churn and grow recurring revenue.

No more excel sheet updates and confusions.

monitor renewal dates and increase customer retention
assign tasks to achieve customer retention goals

Taskboard. Plan every day, Win every quarter.

From onboarding customers to renewals, from upsells to advocacy, from saving churn to training, CSMs can easily get lost. Bring order and plan every CSMs day.

Achieve customer retention goals by converting every unplanned, unscheduled interruption and fires to organized and prioritized easy-to-use visual success plan and tasks.

Create tasks for each account, assign to individual CSMs, add due dates, get reminders, follow up on alerts and see what’s due today, all in one place.

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Deliver world class customer success at Scale

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