Perfect Onboarding is the first step to customer retention

Successful customer onboarding is when your new users experience the actual value of your product or to get to a point where they see the value potential first-hand. CustomerSuccessBox helps you deliver that early value and outcomes your product promised each time and every time.

Perfect Onboarding is the first step to customer retention

  • Reduce Onboarding time by 30% by triggering automatic onboarding messages like welcome email, training and learning resources, risk alerts through playbooks and journeys.
  • No more dependency on customers to check early value. With playbook and journey you can exactly track the time taken to complete each step and arrive at early value.

Onboarding Framework that works for you

  • Create Playbook to help your customer move ahead in the journey. Real time alerts, tasks and milestones let you get the customer back on track if s/he falls behind.
  • You can create a single stage or multiple stages in a playbook. Every stage in a playbook can have multiple tasks to be done. Customize the playbook by adding or deleting a stage as per the need.
  • No more relying on project management plans to perfect the onboarding. With playbook you can define each step with timelines, assign internal tasks to CSM and have visibility into where the customer is in the journey

Onboard Customers with faster time to value

  • The Onboarding playbook brings together 1) Success plan 2) Product adoption and 3) Business Outcome management to show a clear picture of the customer in their Onboarding journey 
  • Create time bound tasks and activities for each stage in the Onboarding playbook to measure the actual time to value. Create alerts and intervention tasks in case a customer deviates
  • Create, manage and assign tasks to both Customers and CSM. Define goals and lead customers through a planned onboarding journey. Create alerts when early value  milestones is  achieved.

Turn every customer onboarding into successful onboarding, Go Live in Time with #1 Customer Onboarding software

See Onboarding platform in Action

Take customers through planned Onboarding Journey

  • Define customer onboarding goals at the account level to track true product adoption.
  • Configure the product adoption journey and track your customers’ progress on the path to value.
  • Create and manage tasks to achieve customer onboarding goals for each account.

Additional Features

Built in actionability
Now send emails, make call, take notes or create tasks all within the platform
No need to filter every time
Create list of accounts or users tailor made to your need and use
User level page
Get micro details of every user by logging into user level page
Automated weekly or monthly reports
Create report and pulse in Metabase and send it to your customers
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