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Customer Loyalty

In today’s competitive world wherein customers have multiple choices, how to make a customer fall in love with your brand? Despite great product, why do customers still churn? How to delight a customer and win his loyalty?

Loyalty can be won by delivering love and value to the customers. While there are handful of customers, it’s easy to interact with each of them and build a relationship.

However, with growing customer base, it’s important to create programs (such as cadences, community portals, Newsletters, webinars etc) for an ongoing interaction. Each interaction adds to the Customer Experience, so make sure it’s easy, simple and value oriented.

Also, some companies have set up loyalty programmes to reward the customers. How does a Loyal customer add value?

  • References
  • Be a Referenceable customer
  • Share case studies, reviews
  • Word of mouth marketing
  • High renewal rate
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