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Customer HealthScore Template


A customer might churn today but the signs that they were going to churn come months before. And this is where Customer Health Score comes in.

Customer Health Score is Data-driven way of measuring the customer’s overall engagement with your product or platform. It becomes an inseparable part of your customer success process once you grow from a small company to a large one.

The huge customer base makes it difficult to reach out to every customer and thus, you can miss out on vital warning signs! Even if you reach out, it would be tough to know whether your customers can achieve their desired outcomes without a Health Score.

Customer Health

How do you calculate Customer health Score

  • * State the purpose – What do you want your score to tell you? Is it about churn or renewal? You need to clearly state what your score will show and how it will help you in achieving Customer Success goals.
  • * Decide which metric are you going to use – The next step is to select the metrics you’ll use to evaluate customer health. There are different metrics that you can use, however, you should ensure that the selected ones accurately reflect your business goals.
  • * Scoring System – Create a scoring system that measures your Customer Health Score precisely. The idea is to create a system that gives you an overall score that represents the metrics you opted for.
  • * Categorization of Customer Data – Data collection would be your next step in the process of calculating the Health Score. Play around with different combinations of metrics until you’re confident with your scores.
  • * Visualize Customer Health Score – By bringing your health score into your CRM, you’ll get a holistic view of your customer as you’ll see the score in context.

Best Practices for configuring Health Score

The Health Score which you create must be able to give you warning signs, should’ve leading indicators and should be able to validate specific outcomes.

  • * Simple Configuration – Right metrics in right dimension
  • * Act on it – You should know instantly which dimensions need work and should be aware of your strengths when engaging with a customer.
  • * Correct the Course – Refresh your configurations periodically based on new learnings. We recommend revisiting health score calculations every 3 months.
  • * Bucket Accounts – Bucket accounts as per desired outcome, purchased plan or lifecycle stage.


To make it easier to build an onboarding process, we’ve put together a Customer HealthScore template for you.

Key Highlights

  • 1. Health Score Dimensions: It has the details of various dimensions – Product Usage, Financial health, Relationship Health, Service health, and external factors that contribute to the 360-degree health score.

    Customer Health

  • 2. Product Adoption : It has the rules configured to let you know whether your customer is in the right track to product adoption or need your intervention.
  • 3. Financial Health : It has rules for various facets of finance that will predict how good your customer is from financial point of view.

    Customer Health

  • 4. Service Health : It has rules for predicting how involved is the customer with your product and is he happy with services being rendered to him.
  • 5. Relationship Health : It has rules configured to depict the relationship health of your customers. How frequently contact is being established through touchpoints maintained.

    Customer Health

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