CSM Software

Customer Success Manager software

What is CSM Software?

CSM Software enables customer success manager to grow a multi-million dollars portfolio with hundreds of accounts, efficiently and effectively.

Why do you need a CSM Software?

Predict who will Renew, Churn or Up sell

One of the most important parameter for a SaaS company is know which account will renew, which ones will churn, which ones are going to buy more. Yet it is the biggest mystery for most companies and the surprise opens only on the renewal day. CSM software can predict the both the risk of churn as well as opportunity for growth. CustomerSuccessBox continuously monitoring the product usage and calculates account health on a daily basis.

Grow Portfolio

Customer Success is a profit center. CSM software should enable customer success managers to contribute directly to recurring revenue growth. CustomerSuccessBox has a complete portfolio management build it, enabling every CSM to be the mini CEO and drive portfolio growth. Customer Success Managers can see their monthly targets and achievements, monthly portfolio growth rate, monitor account health across their portfolio and much more.

Focus on Accounts that needs it most

When CSM are busy onboarding and up selling, CSM Software monitors health of every account every single day. This enables CSM to be top on every account. This gives success manager the confidence that no account is missed.

Know who is ready for referral or review

Customer Success Manager are customer relationship owners. So when it comes down to asking for referrals, getting case study or writing a review the responsibility comes down to them. CSM software identifies the right moments during the customer journey to ask for advocacy actions. CustomerSuccessBox drives advocacy the new data driven way.

Forecast Recurring Revenue

Well while data drives insights, its the human Customer Success managers that build the relationships. No one understand the state of an organization more than the people in touch. CSM software captures forecast every account subscription status. CustomerSuccessBox includes every detail to build the most accurate revenue forecast for your SaaS business.

Grow every Customer Segment

Not every customer is same. SaaS business regularly have multiple ideal customer profiles as their customers. CSM software lets you segment your customers and carve out the perfect strategy to deliver value. With CustomerSuccessBox customer segmentation you can create and apply segment specific strategies for leading every customer to its desired outcome.

Portfolio Growth Rate

Every customer success manager wants to grow his portfolio. CSM software generates portfolio growth matrix that success managers need on a daily basis. With portfolio matrix CSM monitor and grow and manage their customers. CustomerSuccessBox empowers every customer success manager to be the micro CEO of his portfolio.

Manage CSM’s Attention

CSMs are always juggling with their tasks and priorities. CSM Software enables effective task management and keep them aligned. CustomerSuccessBox not just allows actions, but organizes customer success managers day. It draws their attention where it is needed, so no account is ever dropped.

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