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Looking for a ChurnZero alternative?

CustomerSuccessBox is an outcome driven platform for B2B SaaS with $5K – $100K ARPA.

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Automation alone cannot deliver customer success (if it did, then CSMs won’t be needed)

ChurnZero is largely built around automating impersonal communication to end users of a $100 SaaS product. This will work great if you have tech savvy customers, excited to adopt technology. Since you are here, you obviously need a ChurnZero alternative.

CustomerSuccessBox is built for managing $5K-$100K/year SaaS products built to solve complex problems which require strategic human intervention and handholding to keep product adoption on track. We all want to maximize automation, but what works is a “hybrid” playbook. CustomerSuccessBox automates real time health calculations, upsell signal, risk warnings, renewal alerts and all the mundane tasks. But if automation fails and things go wrong, it invokes human success managers to intervene just for the right reasons.

Customer Onboarding

While the industry offered playbooks are limited to tracking time bound tasks completion. CustomerSuccessBox has elevated the level by tracking Product Adoption (Milestones) and Outcomes, and redefined ‘Successful Onboarding’, reducing the time to onboard by up to 50%.

customer onboarding playbook card
csb portfolio dashboard - churnzero alternative

Operational Efficiency

Don’t risk your product adoption on technology that will take ages to deploy and adopt. With ChurnZero, the implementation could easily drag for months.

CustomerSuccessBox takes weeks to deploy. Lower your cost of Success per Account by improving operational efficiency.

Salesforce Application

Salesforce is home for management and account managers, while CSMs live out of the customer success platform. It is critical for both sides to be in sync. Unlike ChurnZero (no Salesforce app), CustomerSuccessBox’s rich Salesforce app is way beyond just a two-way integration. It helps keep CSMs in sync with Account Managers’ activities. This means CSMs have all the information about an account even if some information gets lost during hand-off.

See how CustomerSuccessBox is the #1 ChurnZero Alternative

“Hybrid” Playbook
Built for $5K – 100K/year SaaS Product
Built for Inside CS teams
Accounts :: CSM Ratio
Salesforce Application
Visual Playbooks
Product Adoption via Milestones
Advanced Onboarding
Health 360
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