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Churn Analysis Template


Churn is not just a Customer Success problem. It cuts across the product, support, pricing, usage, customer success, user experience, the solution we are offering, and more.

A process is required which dictates that you analyze your own churn and do it right and holistically. Therefore, we’ve designed a FAIR process to do the same

F- Fair
A- Analyze
I-  Interview
R- Review

It is basically the post mortem of a churned account. Churn is inevitable. Period. However, the better we analyze churn, the better we will be at reducing the churn which is why we designed this process at CustomerSuccessBox.

Key Highlights

The objective of this template is to clearly define step-by step process for analyzing the reasons for a churned account.


  • * Feedback is collected to obtain knowledge about the customer’s experience.
  • * Data is being analyzed to identify the areas of improvement.
  • * Exit Interview is being conducted to know about the reasons for their discontinuation.
  • * Afterwards, the feedback is being reviewed with the internal teams.
  • * Necessary action is taken to keep the relevant metrics on track.

Churn Analysis Framework

There are 5 steps, as mentioned above, in the process of analyzing the churn. These steps are given in the template as shown below.

These steps are further categorized into different tasks so that you can keep track of the work-flow.
Steps to Churn Analysis

Also, the approximate time required for completing these tasks is given. You can also modify the tasks or time according to your business process as well.

Churn Analysis Template

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