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Make every customer Successful

Our Values

Values guide you when no one is watching


Too comfortable with the daily routine? Time to find a new challenge.


Adaptability is more important that years of old school experience.


Everything we do is a hypothesis, until proven right or wrong.


Everyone makes mistakes, but the smart learn and share.


Don’t Sell, help customers. Create Value, not products.


Own and deliver, don’t wait for a to-do list. You are expected to add to the list.


If your customer is not successful, you can never be.

Be human

Be a nice human being first. Ethics and Values  guide when no one is watching.

Employee Speak

Employee Speak

“Everyone follows an agile and data-driven approach to solving problems. I love the open culture as it encourages two-way feedback which is crucial to learning.”

Nilesh Surana, Head Marketing

“I come to office everyday with the satisfaction that I can do something that I really enjoy. When your childhood hobby of making websites becomes a full-time job, it feels like a dream fulfilled.”

Mandeep Singh , Designer

Perks & Benefits

Unlimited leaves

You’ll be rewarded for value delivered, not hours spent.

Work from home

Don’t miss out on life while working We live and breathe startup.

Flexible hours

Come and go as it suits your life.

Rich working space

Play, network and work in a startup coworking space with a terrace cafeteria.

Global Exposure

Work with a customer base from all over the world.

See yourself fitting in?

Behind the scenes

CustomerSuccessBox team
CustomerSuccessBox team
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