What is Re-boarding? 4 Possible situations when a Customer Success Manager must Re-board customers!

You, as a Customer Success Manager, must be doing a great job in onboarding your customers but are you aware of the importance of Re-boarding your customers? Let me put some light on some hit FAQs of Re-boarding-

  • What does re-boarding exactly mean? 
  • When does it become essential for a Customer Success Manager to re-board your customers?

Re-boarding predominantly means repeated onboarding. Now a very possible question arises here, Why would you need to re-board users?
Customer Onboarding Template

The four scenarios where you have no choice but to reboard-

 4 Possible Scenarios when you should re-board your customers

SCENARIO -1 When the existing user gets a replacement

 For example, you’ve got a great user who is using your product but he/she decides to leave the organization. Now the organization brings in a new user or a replacement to the existing user. So in this scenario, you will need to literally onboard that new user.

SCENARIO-2 When a new user is added

This could be a possible situation where you’ve got an entirely new set of users that were never using the product. Probably because the team got expanded. So there you go, you need to onboard the new users again.

SCENARIO -3 When a new module is getting adopted

A Customer Success Manager needs to re-board the user in a situation when a new module is getting adopted. So when the customer purchases the product, he/she might be only using some parts of the system, and all of a sudden he’s started using a new part of the system and so it is very likely that the user is going to have questions and he/she will reach out to you. This is where you need to take the action by re-boarding that customer into another new module. And if you have already got Customer Success Technology in place, then the automation alerts and all those signals will automatically hit your inbox anyway. 
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SCENARIO -4 When the user upgraded to a new plan 

Now say, you have a user upgraded to a new plan, of course, this situation is rewarding in its own way where you have got an upsell. But on the upgraded plan, the delta or the new feature set that now this customer is going to deploy and derive value essentially needs to be onboarded. He/she needs to be trained to get to the next level of value.

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Now that you have got a brief idea of all the possible natural scenarios when you should take that action to re-board your customer. Here is where you should not drop the ball to create a better customer experience and take that action. 

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