The Top resources from CustomerSuccessBox

Top resources on Customer Success

Customer success is important for SaaS businesses as they’re a constant voice of the customer for your business.CustomerSuccessBox builds the all-in-one solution for customer success that goes beyond just health scores and viewing portfolios. In this article, we collate blogs and webinars from CustomerSuccessBox which will help you as an

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How to conduct QBR remotely?

conducting QBR remotely

The unexpected and unprecedented spread of COVID- 19 has forced most businesses to adapt to the virtual environment. This applies even for meetings and Quarterly Business Reviews. Onsite Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) is much more effective and fruitful.  Your bond with customers and their team is stronger as you form

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Renewal Playbook- What magic can it do?

Renewal Playbook

Renewals can be complicated. From business to business, different teams may handle renewals, or the renewal process may be different for each customer segment. Also because we all are at different stages and every organization is different, you can’t just take someone else’s playbook to be yours. Playbooks are your

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