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Top customer success software in the year 2022

The SaaS industry has realized how important Customer Success and user retention are. To achieve long-term growth, customer success teams need the best customer success software that helps them know their customers well and satisfy them. There are a lot of tools out there and here we’ve collated the Top Customer Success software that your team needs in 2022.


CustomerSuccessBox is an AI-powered customer success software to Onboard, Retain, Upsell & drive MRR Growth for B2B SaaS. It enables customer success managers (CSM)to deliver a consistent customer onboarding experience, improve customer retention, reduce churn, drive upsell and expansion and improve monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and lifetime value (LTV) for SaaS businesses.

With CustomerSuccessBox, you don’t need to risk your product adoption on technology that will take ages to deploy and adopt. CustomerSuccessBox takes weeks to deploy and has elevated the level by tracking Product Adoption (Milestones) and Outcomes.

G2 rates CustomerSuccessBox as the Top Customer Success Software.

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Gainsight helps businesses build deep and lasting relationships with their customers. A powerful platform where SaaS applications are built to turn disparate customer data from multiple sources into insights and actions that drive measurable business outcomes for your clients.

Gainsight puts the best success show in town to establish themselves as the thought leader. Unfortunately, it sits on Salesforce, requires expensive implementation partners to roll out, and has complex configurations. Before you remotely see any value which was promised, months have passed, and your churn has gone worse.

Gainsight customer success software



Custify is a customer success platform designed for B2B SaaS businesses that helps customer success teams track views of your product usage and adoption. This helps you get a complete and comprehensive picture of your customer’s life cycle. 

Custify integrates with the apps your company already uses – with no need for engineering support. The standard Custify pricing starts at $499 .

custify dashboard



Totango is a feature-rich software platform that mainly targets SaaS enterprises. It helps you unite your data, teams, and communications to spark your customer engagements and accelerate customer-driven growth. They also offer a suite of tools for customer success, which includes the Spark tool. This helps in monitoring customer health signals in real-time.

Totango has hard-coded thresholds for configuring account health. But inflexible health will always be misleading. Hence, the need for a Totango alternative. With CustomerSuccessBox’s account health 360, you can configure the health threshold to have a unique configuration for every account.

totango customer success software

Evalauting Customer Success Software Template


client success

ClientSuccess helps you drive a “Culture of Customer Success” across your entire organization.

This CSM software helps you keep an eye on your customer through the lifecycle and provides you with several options for tracking your customer’s overall health. Also, an important feature is that you can share updates with your entire team in real-time.

client success customer success software



ChurnZero’s real-time customer success platform helps subscription businesses fight customer churn. ChurnZero is uniquely integrates with CRM systems and tightly into an application or service.

With a G2 rating of 4.7 out of 5, Churnzero gives the business the means to automate and personalize the customer experience through timely and relevant touchpoints, including in-app content.

churnzero customer success software

Points to consider while choosing the best Customer Success platform

Here are some of the many important factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing the best customer success software :

  • You need to make sure that the software’s use cases and features help you solve your problems and provide value to your customers. 
  • One of the most important features of any customer success platform is to generate account health. 
  • CSMs also need to focus on the platform’s usability – what works for the product and what doesn’t. The platform must be easy to use for you and all your team members.
  • Automate where needed: A lot of times what you see is customer success platforms automating in the IFTTT style. Driving product adoption and delivering customer success is not a one-rule-based step. Automation should be built in a much more complex campaign-like style.
  • Integrations: The software’s integrations need to be compatible with other software that your company uses. 

Focus on the Quality of Integrations. Ask questions like Does the platform have the ability to bring in custom fields? What is the amount of flexibility the platform offers with respect to bringing in data?

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