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Top Customer Success Leaders to follow in 2022

With the grace of a number of Customer Success communities, we have come a long way to 2022. Now we see a new avatar of the emerging customer success. Customer advocacy and revenue expansion put greater emphasis on customer onboarding. All thanks to our leaders who have been contributing to shaping and evolving it into the way see it today.

In this blog, we bring you to a few of those Customer Success leaders, our very own mentors, and popularly known influencers. 

Lincoln Murphy

Lincoln Murphy

He is a world-renowned Customer Success growth expert, consultant, and thought leader. Lincoln is one of those celebrated earliest evangelists for Customer Success. He is a complete customer-centric growth mastermind.

His brainchild, Sixteen Ventures, is his medium of sharing his expertise and ideas to help businesses obtain sales acceleration and augment customer engagement. His blog is highly credited as one of the richest sources of actionable information and guidance on Customer Success growth. Lincoln’s valuable Exponential Growth Framework is the culmination of his tactics to bolster the growth strategy of companies around the globe.

Aaron Thompson

Aaron Thompson

Aaron Thompson is currently the CRO at SuccessHACKER, the leading provider of Customer Success Enablement and Education. He is an eminent speaker and educator in the Customer Success domain with over 20 years of experience. His entire career helped companies retain and delight their customers. As a result, helping enterprises

  • power their growth from the customer asset,
  • increase recurring revenue,
  • drive NPS scores through the roof and
  • recoup Customer Acquisition Costs faster than ever.

Aaron has also served as the Head of Customer Success at various B2B SaaS businesses.

Alex Farmer

Alex farmer

Alex Farmer is the Vice President of Customer Success at Cognite. He has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Customer Success Influencers for 2021. He’s also the Founder and CEO of Customer Success Excellence – the world’s first awards event dedicated to the Customer Success profession. He is a CS strategist with experience in building post-sale teams to reduce churn and increase growth at high-growth B2B SaaS scale-ups.

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Dave Jackson


Dave is a notable customer success expert, speaker, published author, and now a well-known expert in the area of customer-focused organizations. He’s currently serving as the CEO at TheCustomer.Co and supporting a number of B2B SaaS companies and investors in building CS as a company-wide capability. In September 2020, he founded the Customer Success Leaders Institute to improve the contribution and effectiveness of CS leaders globally. His contribution to the field of customer success was recognized when he was named as a Top 25 CS Influencer.  

Puneet Kataria

Puneet Kataria

Puneet Kataria is currently the Founder & CEO of CustomerSuccessBox. He is one of the prominent advocates in the Customer Success space. He has been honored as a Top 100 Customer Success Strategist in 2021. Puneet is deeply passionate about the four product joys. The joy of innovating, the joy of selling, the joy of subscribing, and the joy of customer success. Holds a wide experience in helping numerous SaaS companies plug the leaky bucket.

Jeff Breunsbach

Jeff Breunsbach

Jeff Breunsbach is the co-founder of Gain Grow Retain, a community for Customer Success leaders to share their work, collaborate, and grow their careers, He is also the Director of CX at Higher Logic, and is a former Managing Partner at Customer Imperative. His domain expertise in the field of SaaS and executing data-driven approaches for SaaS organizations have helped provide remarkable value to his customers. He is often seen actively involved in Customer Success leader communities, mostly sharing his knowledge and ideas on customer strategy execution.

Rick Adams

Rick Adams

Rick started his career as a system engineer before moving into business ownership. His love for technological innovation coupled with creativity has made him the most sought-after business outcomes and Customer Success expert globally. He is also a consultant, coach, and trainer for technology professionals across 30 countries. His book “Practical CSM” is the bible for anybody embarking on the journey of customer success.

Nils Vinje

Nils Vinje

Nils is a leadership coach and has been one of the Top 25 Customer Success Influencers. Identified for his 30-Day Leadership Playbook, Nils makes effective Customer Success possible for SaaS start-ups and fast-growing businesses alike. He runs Glide Consulting as his means to enable companies to make wise decisions and gain control over their customer lifecycles and experience.

Maranda Ann Dziekonski


Maranda Dziekonski is a Chief Customer Officer at Swiftly, Inc. She has spent over 20 years building and scaling world-class customer success organizations and operations.  Maranda has been a:

  • Top 100 Customer Success Strategists in 2017 & 2018,
  • Top 25 Customer Success Influencers in 2021, and
  • Member of numerous boards of advisors.

She is a highly active and sought-after practitioner, panelist, speaker, leader, and a true champion of the customer success philosophy. 

Matt Myszkowski


Matt is the Senior Customer Success Executive and  Founder of CustomerSuccessMatters. He is a well-known and award-winning Customer Success influencer. His ability to create and implement Customer Success strategies for multi-geographic organizations makes him a top influencer in the industry. 

Jason C. Whitehead


Jason is the Co-Founder at Success Chain. He has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Customer Success Influencers in 2021. Also, the Co-host of the renowned podcast, “The Jasons Take On…”, he is one of the “Jasons” of the CS world. Jason runs a consulting company. He also assists software vendors to have a sustainable user base while ensuring customer achieves their best business outcomes.

Irit Eizips

Irit Ezips

Irit is currently serving as the CEO of CSM Practice, a global customer success management consulting firm. As an accomplished Customer Success strategist, Irit has been voted as one of the Top 100 Customer Success Strategists in 2013. She has been a speaker at several conferences. Her views on creating Customer Success tech solutions and deriving value from the same have been published multiple times.

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Andrew Michael

Andrew Michael

Andrew Michael is one of the founding members of Start-up Cyprus. He has contributed immensely to the growth of the startup ecosystem. He also runs a podcast- Churn.FM for fast-paced SaaS company leaders out there, which is one of the best-known resources to follow for CS professionals.  

Sue Nabeth Moore

Sue Nabeth Moore

A Customer Success Leader, Evangelist, Coach, Advisor, and a well-known Speaker. She is the Founder of Success Track Enterprise. She’s also the Co-founder of Customer Success Mastermind. Here she utilizes her energies to train and assist business leaders on how to leverage Customer Success to scale their organizations. For years she has been helping CS organizations to create and evolve through her exceptional consulting, coaching, training, and thought leadership.

Mary Poppen

mary Poppen

Marry is a renowned expert in the field of Customer Success/Customer Experience. She was the Top Customer Success Influencer from the year 2018 to 2021. She is extremely passionate about sharing best practices and lessons learned to help others succeed. Mary’s passion revolves around everything relevant to customer success. For years, she has been mentoring Customer Success and CX leaders and female executives. 

Being a Board Member at top Customer Success organizations, Mary is an active coach for professionals seeking advice on CS and CX.

Ari Hoffman

Ari Hoffman

He is currently serving as the Director of Customer Advocacy at Coveo.  His mission is to promote customer experience and business engagement to fuel growth. Making empathy and technology work together for Customer Success, Ari is an exceptional Customer Success influencer to be followed. Giving back to the CS community, he is a lead organizer for RIP City Success. He is a University of SF Board Member for their CS & Insights MBA Program. You can watch him speak at Customer Advocacy conferences.

Did we miss out on a few more influencers?

Long live and strong live the Customer Success community. With the grace of our community leaders, we have come a long way where we now see Customer Success as a big industry. 

We are hoping that these experts will help you get the best for your customers.

If there are any leaders that we have missed mentioning here, please feel free to reach out to us, so that we can help back you up with the best insights from them.

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