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Top 7 Questions to Drive Customer Health.

If you could ask a question to your customers, what would that be? Tip: ask a question that drives your customer’s health! Yes, driving customer health is not an easy task. As a Customer Success Manager(CSM) or a Customer Success leader, you need first to create a success plan that has every detail about your customers. This in itself is a complex and time-consuming task. Read on to ask those questions that drive customer health.

But, what if you could ask some simple questions to drive customer health and subsequently, net revenue retention (NRR). Sounds oversimplified? Then, read further to know what are the questions to ask that will fuel your efforts to improve overall customer health and drive business outcomes. 

Customer Health Score Template

Business or Product Health-oriented questions

This set of questions is primarily asked at the beginning of the relationship. It always helps if you and your customer are on the same page with respect to their pain points, KPIs, desired outcomes, etc. 

What is the customer’s pain point that they want you to solve? How are they currently solving this problem? 

Do your customers face difficulties? They certainly do. And the first step in figuring out how you can help them is to put yourself in their position, develop empathy, and figure out what’s currently preventing them from succeeding. Ask your clients a question about their pain points. While co-creating a new success strategy, customers are especially vigilant about avoiding earlier program problems! It is essential for you as a CS leader to understand those pitfalls.

Some of the questions that you can ask are as follows:

  • What is your greatest hurdle to achieving success?
  • Which are the use cases that you’re trying to solve?
  • What are your most significant internal and external challenges, and how may we assist you in overcoming them?
  • Which is the issue that, if resolved, would have the greatest impact on your business?
  • What steps do you need to take to transform your company in the next 12 months, and how can I assist you?

Which are the KPIs and metrics that you want to measure? 

Relevant metrics and KPIs are critical to your and your customer’s success. Yet, understanding those metrics is not easy. It’s because these measures differ from customer to customer. What is important is to understand why do these measures make sense?

Some of the questions that you can consider are:

  • How often is your product used? You can track DAUs and MAUs
  • Your customer may not need to use all of your product’s features. Simply determine the product’s basic offering and determine whether or not the customer uses it.
  • Keep track of how many of the licenses you bought have been used. If your product goes underutilized, your customer may downgrade or discontinue utilizing it in their internal operations. License adoption could be the KPI here. 
  • Examine how well your product is integrated into the customer’s ecosystem. Are all the integrations complete? Are you involved in their internal operations? Measuring Product stickiness makes sense here.

The Customer Health Score template gives you a good understanding of these metrics and how to calculate them. 

Customer health template image

What are the goals for the next 3-6 months?

Since you’ve already understood the challenges that the customers face, discuss the future course of action with them. Objectives or goals will differ from customer to customer. Define clearly, track and achieve them successfully.

The questions that you can consider are as follows:

  • How does your product intend to impact the business outcomes?
  • How will you quantify the results?
  • What changes can you accommodate to get those results?

Why is the customer not getting value? What is missing from your product?

Your pain and efforts won’t make sense if the customer is unable to see your product’s value. Despite taking every opportunity to improve customer health, the results are not satisfactory. Now, what would you do? Sit down with your customer and discuss these pointers:

  • Where did you go wrong?
  • How can you improve your processes to deliver the expected value?
  • What feature can you add so that the customer realizes early value?

Quarterly Business Review Template

Relationship Health-oriented questions

A relationship can’t be quantified. Hence, these are some of the qualitative questions that you can consider and discuss with customers. Let’s look at some of the questions. 

Who are the decision-makers at customer’s org? 

An economic sponsor is a person or a group of people who have the authority to make spending decisions related to your product. Discuss with your customer, identify such persons,  and build relationships that they value. Ensure that such a person or a sponsor understands the value that your product brings to the table. 

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What would the customer’s leader say is the value of the partnership?

Bringing on a high-value partner is one of the most critical decisions you can make as a Customer Success leader. It goes without saying that getting off to a good start in a relationship can put you miles ahead. If you don’t, you could be set back years.

The decision-maker at your customer’s organization might perceive the value of your partnership differently than what you see or expect. So, make sure that both the parties are on the same page with respect to expectations. 

Are there champions in the customer’s organization? 

Champions are the advocates with influence, power, and credibility who can speak up for your product. Identifying them and building a great relationship with them is critical to your business. If the customer doesn’t have any champion, then decide what actions you need to take to create one.  

These are the most important questions that you can ask to elevate your customer’s health to another level. Yet, there are a couple of other aspects that if considered will provide a comprehensive picture of customers’ health.

Customer health 360 features

Other important aspects of a Customer’s Health

A Customer Health Score should not only be meaningful but also complete. It means that it must take into account all aspects of customer health. CustomerSuccessBox, an AI-powered CS tool, takes service, financial and external factors into consideration before determining customer health. 

Service Health-oriented questions

These points help a CSM understand the effectiveness and efficiency with which the customer support team manages customer issues. 

  • What is the total number of support tickets raised?
  • Have all of your key support requests been resolved on time? 
  • Is the consumer satisfied with the service they received?

Financial Health-oriented questions

Undoubtedly, the financial well-being of a customer is as vital as the other aspects. The questions that you can consider help in measuring the financial status of a customer account using invoice and subscription information available. For example- 

  • What is the customer’s subscription plan?
  • Do you monitor the customer account if the invoice is overdue?
  • Has the user upgraded or downgraded, acquired, or canceled licenses?

External factors related questions.

  • If the customer is working with you on a case study, if they have referred anyone, and so on.
  • Any specific threat to the company, any feature without which the customer may not be ready to go has departed the organization.

Key Takeaways

Customer Health paves the way for a beautiful customer experience. Ensure that you drive customer health by asking the important and relevant questions only. 

  • Don’t forget to ask the ‘why’s’. 
  • Keep the questions simple yet powerful.
  • Prioritize your questions. 
  • Understand customers’ business and the challenges they’re currently facing. 
  • Measure KPIs and metrics that are relevant to their business. 
  • Get to know the executive sponsors/decision-makers/champions in your customers’ organization. 
  • Take into account the complete picture of your customer’s health. 

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